Consular Services

Protection of Zambian nationals abroad

  1. Safeguarding the interests of Zambian nationals, both individuals and bodies corporate, traveling or resident, in its consular district, within the limits permitted by international law and the national laws of the receiving state, Jordan;
  2. Rendering the necessary assistance and help to Zambian nationals in case of need, such as incapacity and distress due to sickness, arrest, injury, death, expulsions and similar situations;
  3. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of Zambian nationals having permanent or temporary residence in the consular district;
  4. Assist Zambian nationals, both individuals and entities in lawsuits in the consular district.

Cultural function

  1. Communicating periodically with the Zambian Mission about the cultural agenda of the consulate;
  2. Organizing and maintaining documentation of promotional materials regarding Zambia;
  3. Promoting and building the image of Zambia in the receiving state by introducing the historical, cultural and tourist attraction sites of the country;
  4. Stimulating and organizing cultural events in the honorary consul district and promoting cultural exchanges between Zambia and the receiving state;
  5. Working towards strengthening relations between Zambians and foreign nationals of Zambian origin living within the area of the consular district with their country of origin;
  6. Promoting the "twinning' between cities, regions, schools, and universities from the consular district and the Zambian counterparts;
  7. Promoting the exchanging of students, teachers and experts between the consular district and Federal Democratic Republic of Zambia;
  8. Bringing the communities and peoples of the two countries together;
  9. Promoting the transfer of science and technology;
  10. Working towards the strengthening of relationships In the fields of education, youth and sports, and media and public relations

Dissemination of information

  1. Creating and maintaining a Web page with a particular reference to Zambia;
  2. Communicating and distributing information received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Zambian Embassy regarding news or press releases, to destinations with particular interest of Zambia;
  3. Sustainingt whenever necessary and possible, the contacts and collaboration among public or private institutions from Zambia and receiving state in the cultural, educational, scientific and technology fields
  4. Promoting and sustain research activities in Zambia for documentary purposes, pursued by the receiving state personalities with great impact in shaping public and political opinions and with activities in public COInmunicltion field

Educational function

  1. Stimulating cooperation and maintain permanent relations with universities and other educational institutions of Zambia and the receiving state
  2. Stimulating and promoting cooperation among Zambian and receiving state universities, including the facilitation of scholarship, award and fellowship opportunities and increase the number of Zambian students with scholarships in the receiving state.

Business promotion

  1. Promoting investment, trade and tourism activities.
  2. Recruitment of investors, companies and businessmen to invest in Zambia.
  3. Looking for market access for Zambian export products.

Consular Activities

  1. Authenticating of various documents.
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