Why Invest in Zambia‘s Tourism Industry

  1. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in Zambia.
  2. There is potential in hotel industry
  3. Rich resources and competitive cost for investment
  4. Zambia offers competitive labour costs
  5. It has some of the lowest power tariffs in Africa
  6. Zambia is well endowed with water relative to other countries in Southern Africa
  7. Awesome and magnificent water falls
  8. Other resources include land, central location in proximity to other countries in the region, road network, telecommunication and Airline connectivity
  9. Zambia has 20 national parks, 34 game management areas and 23 million hectares of land devoted to the conservation of variety of animals.
  10. There are four national Museums in the country.
  11. Despite its location in the tropical zone, Zambia has a temperature climate that makes it pleasant to visit all year round.
  12. Zambia has the most glamorous and most famous traditional ceremonies in Africa
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